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Top eSports Tournaments

The upcoming and unmissable Premier, Major and Minor eSports events. These are the DOTA 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Starcraft tournaments bringing you non-stop action and excitement. 

Esports Matches of the week

These are the most exciting matches to be played in the next days. Remember to bookmark our Bets section to stay up to date with the latest available bets from tournaments all around the world. Click on QUICK BET for instant access to an online casino from our top casinos that offers that match.

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Popular news

Myke Tyson invests in Fade 2 Karma

Mike Tyson invests in Fade 2 Karma

Mike Tyson announced a strategic investment in Fade 2 Karma, aka F2K, a professional esports organization focused on collective card games, particularly Hearthstone.

The World of eSports Betting

What are the best odds and where do you find the best welcome bonus for betting on League of Legends or the biggest CS:GO jackpots? What are the most intuitive and easy to use esports casinos, and at the same time, the ones with largest offering of games and tournaments? These are the questions we try to answer here at MuseCasino.com.

Check our collection of casino reviews that include esports betting in their offering to get a clear view on who’s leading the way. If you’re the no-fuss, straight to action kind of person, our BETS section offers just that: the list of the top matches and instant access to the casino with the finest odds.

The Best eSports Promotions

A casino bonus, welcome offer, promotion, or jackpot are, in essence, the same thing: a way for you to get something extra for your deposit or bet. Keep in mind though that not all casino bonuses are created equal and above all not all welcome offers can be used for eSports betting. In some cases, the eSports are not even included in the bonus contribution.In the Casinos section we break down every online casino promotional offers and tell you which one is worthy of your funds and attention. Therefore, we analyse every aspect of an online casino, but above all, we focus on the two most important aspects: welcome offers and bonuses and customer satisfaction. Ready to make the most out of your esports bets?

The Best eSports Odds

The real feeling you get when stepping inside a real eSports tournament arena cannot be match by anything else. Esports betting allows players to experience some of that excitement by supporting their favourite team or player.

With more and more online casinos offering eSports bets to their players, finding the best option for your bets it’s not something easy. That’s where we step in – we search for the best odds for the top upcoming matches so that you’ll always know where to place your bets.

Esports bets vs esports odds

To understand esports betting, first you need to learn the difference between bets and odds. As mentioned above, esports bets represent a type of wager you can place. It can be a bet on a specific team, player or match criteria. Esports odds are usually represented as a number in decimal form, generated by the online bookmaker that serves a double purpose:

      • To help you calculate any potential winnings if your wager is successful
      • To represent the likelihood of any potential outcome

Using odds to calculate winnings

The formula to calculate winnings from odds is quite simple and straightforward. Presuming you are being offered odds in a decimal format (such as 1.56) to calculate the winnings on your wagers simply apply the following formula:

Wager X Decimal Odds = Total Winnings

If you want to calculate the exact profit on your bet, then all you have to do is deduct the amount you wager. Like this:

(Wager x Odds) – Wager = Profit

Here’s an example considering a $10 wager and Decimal Odds of 2.34:

10 x 2.34 = $23.4 Total Winnings
(10 x2.34) – 10 = $13.4 Total Profit

Using odds to calculate the probability

The other neat thing you can use esports odds for is to calculate the probability for a specific event to take place.

This is extremely useful for new or experienced bettors as it provides an insight on what the bookmakers considers most likely to happen. To calculate the probability using the odds you have to apply the following formula:

(1/ Decimal Odds) * 100 = Probability

Here’s are some examples for various Decimal Odds:

(1 / 1.34) * 100 = 74.6% Probability
(1 / 8.56) * 100 = 11.58% Probability
(1 / 5.20) * 100 = 19.23% Probability

As you probably noticed by now, there is a direct connection between odds, winnings and probability. The higher the odds go so do the potential winnings but the probability for the event to take place decreases. A wager on a team with smaller odds represents a safer but less profitable bet.
Learning to use odds to calculate probabilities is extremely useful if you’re new at esports betting online as it allows you to instantly find out which team is considered a favourite or the underdog.

Is esports betting popular?

The popularity of esports betting has increased exponentially in the past years, with most of the major bookmakers and online casinos considering it one of their focus points for the near future. Not only that, recently we saw an explosion of sportsbooks dedicated to esport betting and brands such as GG.Bet or Loot.Bet directly supporting tournaments or teams.

More recently, Unibet, one of the biggest online bookmakers in Europe announced the sponsorship of Astralis, becoming one of the Dutch team’s main sponsors. Today, all major operators offer at least a couple of esports titles to bet on, most common being Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Dota 2. Starcraft 2 and Overwatch are also titles with professional esports leagues that are becoming more and more attractive to bettors thanks to increased regulation and investments.

The best esports betting sites

You can bet online on esports at the majority of online bookies in Europe or USA and even pick-up an exclusive welcome bonuses if you’re opening a new account. To make sure you’re always playing in a safe, regulated environment we reviewed several online sportsbooks and casinos that not only offer the top tournaments and leagues but also the best experience.


This online sportsbook is 100% dedicated to the esports scene and has been for quite some time, a committed supporter of the all the major titles and events. In 2016, GG.BET was the official sponsor of Fnatic and earlier this year they organized the GG.Bet Birmingham Dota 2 Invitational.


Our top rated esports casino and sportsbook, is not an exclusive esports casino but it does operate on the lowest bookmaking margins in the industry. Or so they claim. Nevertheless, with a solid esports offering and an average payout of 97.7% it’s our top recommendation for pros and newbies alike.


Betway is another traditional sportsbook that started offering its players the possibility to wager on CSGO or Starcraft 2. And they did not stop there. This bookmaker was the official betting partner for several major tournaments and it’s currently the main sponsor of MIBR and Invictus Gaming.

What esports can I bet on?

There’s plenty of titles available to bet on today, from console games to PC and even mobile titles. But if you’re new at esport betting, the big three: Counter Strike: GO, League Of Legends and Dota 2 are the best choice. These esports feature professionally-organized tournaments, established teams and regulated environments. As most of them have been around for quite a while, it’s easy to find tips, strategies and even odds comparisons.

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