The CSGO bets are the most common eSports bets that you can find online, with virtually every online eSport casino offering at least a couple of tournaments to bet on every week.

The success of CSGO as an eSport is no surprise as this IS the title that started eSports betting with something called “skin betting”.

Today, CSGO became one of the most important eSports games of the last decade with millions of followers and dollars in prizes, hundreds of tournaments each year and players that have become true superstars

Bet on upcoming CSGO games

FACEIT, ECS, the ESL Pro League, are all huge CSGO Tournaments that, just as a football cup final or the Wimbledon, attract millions of viewers and thousands of bettors. And just as with the Wimbledon, betting in CSGO matches is simple and straightforward – all you have to do is pick the match winner. Some games and tournaments offer additional types of bets, but if you’re new to CSGO betting we recommend you to start with the simplest choice.




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How can I place a bet on a CSGO game?

Placing an online bet on a CSGO match means first of all you need an account with any of the online casinos that offer this eSports. Most of our reviewed casino should have at least a couple of CSGO bets available every day but if you don’t want to take any chances using the Quick Bet option will redirect you to one of our recommended that offer that match.

Once there, all you have to do is register an account with or without a welcome bonus. Afterwards, you need to deposit some play funds – most casinos have a €10 minimum deposit limit – and then choose the team that you would like to bet on. As mentioned before, all casinos will offer their players at least one type of bet, but in some cases you might encounter other types of bets as well, such as


Bet on whether the match result will be a draw.

Group of Winner

Bet on the group which contains the final winner of the entire tournament.

Group Winner
If teams are organised in groups, bet on the winning group of the specified tournament.
Bet on the number a bookmaker predicts for a particular statistic in a given game. Ex: a team wins with over 10 points difference.
Region Winner
If more than one region is present in the tournament, bet on the region the winner is coming from.
Total Rounds
Bet on whether the overall match will go over or under a certain number of rounds.

Special types of CSGO bets

To make things even more interesting for eSports punters, some online casinos offer a couple of more complex types of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive bets. They are called special bets and should only be tried if you’re familiar with the teams’ history, map performance, each players’ efficiency with a specific type of weapon and so on. These bets should Only be tried if you consider yourself a professional eSport bettor.

Handicap bet

Bet on whether the team with the handicap advantage or disadvantage wins.The Handicap adjusts odds for perceived imbalances between team in their abilities. Simply put, it works by giving the weaker team (or the one considered the outsider) a certain number of Maps or rounds head-start. At the same time, the team considered the favourite can be handicapped by the same number of Maps or rounds. So a handicap can look like this:

Handicap Bet Cs-Go

Map Betting

Another type of special CSGO bet is Map Betting. On this type of bet, bookmakers allow players to choose the team that they think will perform better on a specific type of map, such as Dust 2 or Train.  All official Counter-Strike: GO tournaments use these seven maps in their events, as they are considered the most balanced and competitive. To place a Map bet, it is quintessential that you know all the particularities of the said map and, more important the win/loss history of your favourite team on that particular map. The seven official tournament CSGO maps are: Dust 2, Overpass, Cache, Train, Nuke, Mirage, Inferno.

First Blood
As the name implies, you are placing a bet on the team who scores the first kill of the match. This sounds simple but we can assure you it’s not. There are a multitude of factors that you need to take into consideration and again, knowledge of team and player history will help you a long way if you choose to place this type of bet. Map type and team distribution (Counter Strike or Terrorist) also weighs a lot here, as some area encourage more aggressive teams.
Knife Round

This is another type of special CSGO esports bet where players can choose the team who will score the first kill of the Knife round which determines the team’s starting side.

Top Fragger
Football fans will be somewhat familiar with the next type of special bet as it borrows a lot from the “beautiful game”. the Top Fragger bet allows punters to bet on the player who will score the highest number of kills at the end of the specified map or match. Very similar to betting on the top goal scorer in football.

A guide to Counter-Strike: GO betting sites

There are dozens of online casinos and bookmakers that offer Counter-Strike: GO bets to their players but not all of them were created equal. In our mission to bring you the best places where you can bet on CSGO we look at four distinct factors that help us identify the top online operators. Here’s what you should also pay attention to:

Tournaments and Matches Offered

Welcome Bonuses and Promotions

General User Experience

Casino Reputation

CSGO bets Predictions

Similarities between eSports and traditional sports are not limited to naming conventions. Skills and overall shape of CSGO players have the same impact on a match result as for a footbal player. Trying to predict the result of a CSGO match needs to combine two elements: real-time data and historic results. Here’s a couple of metrics you can keep an eye on that could prove very profitable. As always, familiarize yourself with the players’ history to spot any recurring patterns that you can take advantage of.

Headshot percentage
Kills/Deaths Ratio
Average KDA per round
Total Damage per Round
Area of kills & deaths
Crosshair Placement

Our One Counter-Strike Betting Tip!

If you’re new to eSports betting or a veteran, remember that success in CS:Go betting means getting familiar with the team and players as the game result is influenced by both individual skill and team play. Maps have a huge influence in CS:Go as a team and player skill can vary from map to map and even an Underdog can turn the game around if they play on “home turf”.

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