Every year, during The International, the DOTA 2 bets become the eSport equivalent of betting on the Super Bowl.

There is no other tournament that manages to attract as many followers, viewers (67M views on Twitch) and more important, such a consistent prize pool.

Over $25 Millions were at stake in 2018 for the DOTA 2 Final in Vancouver, Canada, out of which more than $11M just for the Cup Winner.

Bet on upcoming DOTA 2 games

2019 offers an awesome selection of DOTA 2 tournaments such as The Chongqing Major, the ESL Katowice or DreamLeague Stockholm. In the second-half of the year, the unequivocally most important tournament – The International 2019, will gather thousands of fans at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai and millions of users online to watch the best teams in the world go head to head. There’s plenty of opportunities to bet on your favorite game and teams over the year but right now, here’s where the action is:

Skr Skr 2.0


Team Chaos Esports Club

Chaos Esports Club


Team The Alliance


Skr Skr 2.0


Team Fnatic



Team Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Skr Skr 2.0


Team Aster

Team Aster


Team Complexity Logo


DOTA 2 Tournaments

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How can I place a bet on a DOTA 2 game?

To bet online on any DOTA 2 matches it is mandatory to have an active account with one of the casinos that offer an esports betting platform on their website. Unibet,, are such online bookmakers that allow their players to wager on DOTA 2 tournaments.

Once you register for an account – careful if you already have one, as most online casinos will not allow this and usually forfeit any winnings – you will need to deposit some playing funds and head on to the eSports bets section. Before you do that though, make sure you collect (or refuse) any welcome bonuses that the casino might offer. There are pros and cons to welcome offers: the pros: you will usually have more money to play with. the Cons: the extra money come with an wagering requirement that basically stop you with withdrawing any winnings unless the wagering requirement has been accomplished.

Let’s presume you have opted out from receiving a bonus and now you are ready to bet. To do that, all you have to do is locate any active bets and choose the team that you will think it will win the match. That’s the most simple of DOTA 2 eSports Bets that you can make. Most of online bookmakers offer multiple types on bets for the same match, so if you’re certain of your choice, here’s some other potential wagers you might want to consider:

Money Line / Winner
Bet on the winner of the match.
First Kill
Bet on the team that will score the first kill.
Money line type of bet but on handicapped teams
Best out of x
bet on the team who win win the majority of games within a series.
Game Winner
Bet on the team that will win a specific game in a series.
Totals / Above / Under
Bet on various metrics being above or below a designated number.

As in traditional betting, all bets (including the ones above) will have odds attached. These are usually represented by decimal numbers (ex: 4.54) that will represent the multiplier of your bet and thus your potential winnings if you accurately predict the match result.

A guide to DOTA 2 bets

Straight Money Line / Winner bets

If You’re new to eSports betting there’s no simpler way to start wagering. A Winner bet is as straightforward as the name implies – all you have to do is guess the winner of the game/match. here’s how a typical wager looks like.

Straight Dota Bet

The odds for the two teams going head to head are pretty close which tells us that the casino is expecting a close match. The odds represented by the decimal number also represent the multiplier that tell us our potential winnings if we guess the correct winner.

Betting $10 on KSY in the match above means a potential win of $19.35 while betting on Athlerico will result in a potential win of $18.06 if the team wins the match. Looking at odds will also tell us which team is considered favourite by the bookmaker. In the case above, Athlerico Esports is considered a favourite as it was given smaller odds.

Pros: this is one of the best DOTA 2 eSport bets that you can make if you’re an beginner, as it doesn’t require a lot of knowledge on the teams and players. The odds themselves will tell you who’s favourite to win.

Cons: It’s easy to think that if you just bet on the team with the smaller odds you’ll have more chances to win. DOTA 2 pro teams have very close skill levels to a match can go either way, regardless of the odds.

Handicap Bet

DOTA 2 Handicap betting does two things: it increases your chances of winning by reducing the odds or it improves the odds, but reduces your winning chances. A bit to complicated? Maybe this will explain better:

Let take the confrontation above and presume it is part of a series of best out of 7 matches. Handicap bet would look something like this

KSY + 1: 1.65 – this means means that KSY would be awarded a match victory for the purposes of the betting. The odds were lowered from 1.935 to 1.65 as the chances to win the BO7 with an extra game have now increased. Your potential wins are now $16.50.

A DOTA handicap bet can also look like this:
KSY – 2: 11.00 – this means that KSY would be deducted 2 matches, thus lowering their chances to win, thus increasing the odds and your potential winnings. If you bet $10 on KSY -2, and they win even with the 2 deducted games, your winnings will be $110.

Pro: Handicap betting is a great way of increasing your winnings if you know the teams and their form well

Con: Handicap betting is a safe way to lose your wager if you’re not familiar with the teams and their form.

Totals / Over / Under Bets

Coming from traditional sports betting, the totals and over / under bets are created by bookmakers defines a limit for specific game metrics (total kills, total deaths, ). After the limits are created they give players the option of betting on whether the actual game results will be higher or lower than the line they’ve set. Betting on higher is referred to as backing the over, while betting on lower is referred to as backing the under.

Pro: A very balanced bet suitable to players that have deep knowledge of a team’s history and previous results. Ex, If you know a certain team always scores 15+ kills in a match you can safely wager on an Over 15+ kills bet

Con: Over/ Under bets are very dependable on the present form of the team, so knowing the histroy doesn’t necessarily mean it will repeat itself.

Best out of X (BOX) Bets

The best out of X matches bets in DOTA 2 have become increasingly more popular, especially for the major stages of DOTA 2 tournaments. The most common are BO1, BO3 and BO5. You should exert caution when wagering on these types of bets, especially if you’re live betting, as when it comes to series of games results can be unpredictable.

If possible choose to bet on BO3 or BO5 as after the first game you can already have a clear picture on each team’s form and level. A very week or poor team in game one has very few chances of causing a surprise later on. That doesn’t mean you can be fooled though. In DOTA 2, a lot of things can go wrong early on (on Banning stage for instance) so a weaker team might get an advantage and win the first game but will not be able to replicate it in the following games.

Pro: recommended if you’re live betting as you can spot a good shape early on and benefit from great odds.

Cons: make sure you don’t mistake a great form with pure luck.

First kill Bets

The Firs Kill bet means trying to guess the team that will score the First Kill. This type of DOTA 2 bet is a favourite among pro bettors. It all comes down to extensive knowledge of the team roster and individual players strengths. If a player manages to pick his favourite DPS hero, or the one he’s most proficient with, the chances for him to score the first Kill are higher.

Pro: Very rewarding bet for punters who are familiar not only with the team history but also with each individual strengths and weaknesses.

Con: Individual shape, other team’s counter heroes, a miscalculation – are all factors that make this bet highly volatile. As a live bet that expires early on, means you will not have enough time to accumulate a lot of information.

A guide to DOTA 2 betting site

What makes an eSport Casino suitable for DOTA 2 bettors? There are a multitude of elements that can be taken into considerations. the number of available tournaments, live bets offered, low margins and great odds are all major factors that can make or break your online betting experience. In trying to find the right places for you to bet on DOTA 2, we look at four key factors.

Tournaments and Matches Offered

Welcome Bonuses and Promotions

General User Experience

Casino Reputation

DOTA 2 Bets Predictions

Can you predict the result of a DOTA 2 game? The answer to that question, regardless of what other websites or players might tell you is that there is no 100% guaranteed way of predicting a game’s result. As in traditional sports, skills and present shape of the team rooster can have a huge impact over a game’s result. That doesn’t mean you can’t get an edge that you can exploit. To do that you need to pay attention to two things: real-time data and historic results. And the best place to notice patterns are live games. Here’s a couple of factors you can keep an eye on that could prove very profitable.

Gold per minute

Last Hits
Number of minions killed

Creeps / Heroes Denied

Experience per minute

Kill / Death ratio

DOTA 2 Betting Tip!

DOTA 2 provides some of the most exciting tournaments outhere, with more and more events popping-up every year. With great tournaments, more and more betting options become available and thus you might find yourself wanting to bet on everything. Our one betting tip would be to only bet on the teams and players you know and follow closely. Choose 5-6 favorite teams that you take the time to familiarize yourself with and start following their results. That way when they play, you already have an idea of their current shape and strengths.

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