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If you’re thinking about having a go at eSports betting, there’s no better place to start than the League of Legends bets. The game’s worldwide success and incredible growth transformed each of its tournaments into some of the biggest eSports events of the year.

No wonder that with millions of dollars in prize pools and hundreds of millions of gamers watching, today, all the major casinos offer League of Legends bets to their players.


Bet on upcoming League of Legends games

For LoL fans, betting on League of Legends matches is as exciting as betting on the Champions League is for a football fan. And, we might add, similarly simple. To bet on a LoL match means usually placing a wager on the team that you think it will win the game or the tournament. Some casinos offer gamers more advanced bets, like choosing the the team who will get the “First Kill” or take down the first tower. For those of you who just want to keep it simple, here are the League of Legends bets that you can bet on right now, with a direct link to our top casinos.

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How can I place a bet on a League of Legend game?

If you ever place a bet on a football or basketball game before you will find, betting on LoL to be very similar. LoL games come with the same odds system similar to any other traditional sports bet. There is always a favourite team and the “contender”. Casinos might choose to offer various betting options for each match, but regardless of this, the odds for each bet will be influenced by the “favourite” status. To bet online on LoL games you must first have an active account at any of the online casinos that offer League of Legends matches to their punters. Depending on the casino you choose to play at, you might have available several of the following League of Legends bets:


Bet on the team that you think will win the game.

First Kill

Bet on the team that you think will get the first kill.

First Inhibitor
Bet on team that will be the first to destroy an inhibitor
First Tower

Bet on the team that you think it will bring down the first tower.

First Dragon
Bet on the team that you think will be the first to kill the dragon.
First Baron

Bet on team that you think will the first to bring down Baron.

First Match

Bet on the team that you think it will win the first game

Overall Winner
Bet on the team that will be the tournament or cup winner.

As mentioned before, each of the above bet will have an odds number attached, usually represented as a two decimal number (ex: 1.34). Favourite teams will always have lower odds for their while the team that is considered a challenger, will have higher odds. Higher odds means bigger potential wins for you but also lower chances of winning.

A guide to League of Legends betting sites

The growing interest of gamers towards League of Legends tournaments led to an explosion of LoL betting sites across the world. Europe, and the UK in particular is at the forefront of this trend with more and more online casinos including eSports bets in their offering. LeoVegas, Betsafe and PaddyPower are only some of the betting sites that today offer LOL matches to their players. We recommend taking a look at our eSports casinos reviews section for a complete overview of the top UK gambling websites that offer esports bets. Our recommendation is to always play with regulated casinos and that before you start playing, you do a short audit of the casino, checking these simple bullet points:

Tournaments and Matches Offered

Welcome Bonuses and Promotions

General User Experience

Casino Reputation

League of Legends bets Predictions

Betting on eSports is still gambling, and, as with traditional sports betting, a risk factor is always present. The favourites will not always win, so predicting a LOL game result isn’t something 100% guaranteed, regardless of how many guides and strategies you might read. Nevertheless, there are plenty of historical factors you should pay attention to before placing a bet. In coming up with high quality LoL bets predictions, having complete knowledge of a teams previous performance in these fields is mandatory:


Gold per minute

Creep Count
Number of enemy minions killed
Gold count
Experience per minute

Kill/Death ratio

League of Legends Betting Tip!

There’s no better time to bet on League of Legends than today. With the growing popularity this MOBA sees, more and more casinos compete in offering the best LOL odds, bonuses and promotions. To make the most out of your LoL betting, make sure to always stay within your budget and only choose to play with respectable casinos. Look for Casinos that have a respectable license and are registered in a respectable country. 

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