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Even though Overwatch eSports bets became available only recently – the game was launched in 2016 – they soon grew into a regular presence in most of today’s online casino bets offering. And things will only get better!

In 2019, players will have the opportunity to bet on the official Overwatch League, a major-level eSports tournaments that will see 20 teams around the world competing for up to $5 Million in total prizes, with $1.1M for the winner!

Bet on upcoming Overwatch matches

Is your favourite Overwatch team playing today? Check our selection of upcoming bets available on Overwatch matches to find out. Our handpicked selection allows quick betting on some of the most exciting tournaments currently taking place all over the world at one of our reviewed casinos. If you’re new to Overwatch betting, check our short tutorial below. Good luck!




Team Meta Athena

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Team BlossoM





Team BM Hawk

bm hawk


Team Griffin





Team White Whale

white whale




Top Overwatch Tournaments

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How can I bet on an Overwatch game?

The short answer to that question is: “Pick a winner!”. Simple, right? Quite, but that’s not all! To be able to bet online on Overwatch games means you must first register an account with any of the online casinos that offer these types of bets. We, made things simpler and gathered the best ones in our Casino section, so you don’t have to spend time looking around. Validate your account, deposit some playing funds and head on to their bets section. Here, you might be offer one of the following types of Overwatch eSports bets:
Winner / Straight

Bet on the team that you think will win the game.

First Kill
Bet on the team that you think will score the first kill
Map Winner
Bet on team that will be the winner on a specific map if there are multiple maps
Similar to Winner bet, but with a handicap system attached
First game
If there are multiple games, bet on the team that you think it will win the first game
Overall Winner
In a tournament this stands for the team that will be the tournament or cup winner.

All types of bets mentioned above will come with odds attached. Odds, usually represented as a two decimal number (ex: 4.74) represent the casino’s estimate for the event to happen (ex. for a team to Win) and, at the same time, the multiplier of your wager, if successful. The higher the odds, the bigger the win. Odds also help players to identify who’s being considered a favourite by the casino. If a team is given an 1.2 odds to win the match while their rivals have an 5.5, then the first team is clearly seen as the probable winner.

Short recap on how to bet on Overwatch:

1. Find a Casino that offers Overwatch esports Bets
2. Register an account
3. Choose a Welcome bonus (Or not)
4. Validate your Account
5. Deposit playing Funds
6. Check the available matches and their odds
7. Start betting!

A guide to Overwatch betting casinos

The amazing success that followed Overwatch’s launch meant that more and more online bookmakers have started to include these matches in their betting listings. With Overwatch League starting in February 2019, which will offers fans up to 4 days with games every week and one grand tournament, the available options to bet on your favorite roster will only increase.

But what casinos are worthy of your time and money? Where do you find the best bonuses, promotions and balanced odds? Which bookmaker enjoys a good reputation among its players and how well are they treating their existing customers. We took it upon ourselves to try and answer some of those questions in our Casino reviews and developed a 4-point checklist centered around:

Tournaments and Matches Offered

Welcome Bonuses and Promotions

General User Experience

Casino Reputation

Overwatch bets Predictions

Predicting the outcome of an Overwatch game is not something that can be done straight away. As in traditional sports, you will need extensive knowledge about key elements of the game, team and player skill, team cooperation, player and team form and history. One team may dominate on a specific map and perform less on another. A key player is having a bad or just moved to another team. These are just some of the factors you need to take into consideration when trying to predict the winner of a confrontation. Above all that, we recommend looking at live games when you would like to test your knowledge. In live games you can put together the info you already gathered with real time KPIs that will tell you about the current shape of players. Here’s what you need to pay attention to:
Team composition

Keep an eye for any well-know destructive combos such as Pharmercy

Overwatch puts a lot of emphasis on proper timings and players who waste ults are not a good sign
In Overwatch, being at the wrong place, in the wrong time, could mean disaster
K/D Ratio

Kill/Deaths ratio of each player in the rooster

Overwatch Betting Tip

Although a FPS just like CS:GO, Overwatch has more things in common to MOBA titles such as LOL due to its hero classes, or roles: Offense, Defense, Tank and Support. Knowing a player is a good tank is not enough as unlike LOL, in Overwatch, a team’s composition can change mid-game. Keep an eye on team compositions and how they change to spot any strong combos or changes in strategy.

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